Shim Deok-chul (Park In-hwan) is a 70-year-old retired mailman who decides to pursue his life-long dream of learning ballet, which does not please his family. At the dance academy, he meets Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang), a 23-year-old dancer who became interested in ballet after trying out different sports — his mother was a ballet dancer before she died of a disease when he was young. He is struggling financially and thinks of giving up ballet when he meets Deok-chul, which changes his mind.

Navillera (Korean: 나빌레라; RR: Nabillera; lit. Like a Butterfly) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Park In-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee and Hong Seung-hee.Based on the Daum webtoon of the same name written by Hun and illustrated by Ji-min between 2016 and 2017, it is scheduled to premiere on tvN on March 22, 2021. It will also be streaming on Netflix.